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The 'New Black' Digital Pack

One must question why do so many Black celebrities feel an obligation to berate, demonize, and pathologize his or her own race on a national platform. The answer is simple: Doing so puts them in good graces with their slave masters, who, in turn, award them generously -- until they make the mistake of offending white America (e.g. Bill Cosby). 

So, what do those of us who do not have access to a large stage and flashing lights do to circumvent the ignorance spewed by Black celebrities who are promoted a "New Black" to please their slave owners?

We create a New Paradigm for Black America that focuses on repairing and sustaining wealth, education, family, and community; we teach our boys the principles of Black male empowerment that will motivate them to become leaders in lieu of the filth that's drilled in their minds every day through rap music; we occupy our children by becoming actively involved in their academics; and we set goals for ourselves and crush them so that we can optimize our quality of life.

All of these things are being offered to you, this weekend only, on sale for $49.99 in The New Black Digital Pack which costs more than $70 at regular price. 


Here's what the package includes:

      • A New Paradigm for Black America -- Brooklyn (electronic download): Featuring Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Tiara Williams, Tia Brown, and many more scholars, entrepreneurs, and health experts to provide action-oriented steps for creating a better Black America. 
      • A New Paradigm for Black America -- DC (electronic download): Subtitled "A Politically  Incorrect Conversation About Saving Our Community," features Dr. Steve Perry of TV One's "Fix My Son"; Dr. Boyce Watkins of the Your Black World Network; Dr. Towanna Freeman of; Author and former NBA player Etan Thomas; and author and creator of "Hoodwinked" Janks Morton discussing ways in which we can improve our community through mentorship.
      • A New Paradigm Featuring Min. Louis Farrakhan (electronic download): A riveting discussion about the dire need for economic empowerment in Black America. The 90-minute film features actionable steps each of us can take to build a strong Black America.
      • The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment (audio download): Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks candidly about the things that every black man must know in order to be a successful, liberated, empowered and responsible human being.  He teaches black men to be leaders rather than followers, and prepares them for the obstacles they are going to face in an historically racist society.
      • Dr. Boyce Watkins Presents: 5 Explosive Ways to Set Your Goals and Absolutely Crush Them (audio download): In this audio lecture, Dr. Boyce Watkins takes you through a very simple, step-by-step process to set your goals and achieve them. Dr. Watkins, who was the only African American in the world to earn a Finance PhD during the year 2002, will explain how anyone with the faith and determination necessary to achieve can create a viable road map to any accomplishment.
      • Occupy Your Children: A Parent's Guide to Avoiding Educational Landmines and Guiding Your Kids to the Top (audio download): Featuring Dr. Christopher Emdin, Dr. Mary Stoddard, and more scholars, this audio product provides in-depth conversations with four people who understand the educational system and how to overcome its limitations.

The New Black Digital Pack package is on sale now, click here to purchase!

Please Note: No shipping is required because all of the items are digital and can be downloaded onto your computer. 

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  • Eric Avery on

    Wisdom is not our problem. We have enough smart people to identify the problem what we dont have is enough people/leaders who is in a unshakable position that will show we are serious. Every time a young Black man is killed by someone White its a problem, but let Black on Black occur and no one cares because we refuse to condemn our relatives, friends who commit these acts. We have to learn that we cant accept the killing off of our race by NO-ONE. Second, we have to get serious about economics and helping each other. This Crab mentality has gotta go…The self-hatred perpetrated agaisnt one another through World Star hip hop and other avenues just really turns my stomach I cant stand to watch Blacks/African Americans continue to beat each other sense-less on videos I have personally stopped watching it. and lets face it… it only exist cause we are watching it!!! Come on Brothers and Sisters we can do better!!!

  • John M. Alexander on

    Glad to be here. I want more Wisdom.

  • Barry Burls on

    Time is now. No excuses. Put up, or shut up. You are part of the problem or part of the solution. Period. Had enough yet?

  • Charles on

    Rev. George Brooks says this and material like this should be free.

    Wondering if he is taking Tithes at his church and what does that money pay for?

  • Denise Banks Robinson on

    My comments refer to why are people talking things against each other instead of talking about changing the slave laws that have never been changed or will never be changed if we don’t stop the damn division, well racism wins.

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