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Republicans Run the Senate: What Does This Mean For Black America?

This year's midterm elections have sparked a great deal of emotion for Black America. 


Blacks who are loyal to the Democratic party are disappointed in Blacks who have chosen to switch party lines and/or not participate in the political process at all. This polarization of attitudes in Black America regarding American politics is indicative of an under-developed constituency that is reactive to politics as opposed to being proactive


  • Proactive constituents pool their resources into community leaders who they know and trust will work to improve the conditions of their community.
  • Proactive constituents' loyalty is based off of proof and/or assurance of an effort to improve the top issues facing their constituency. 
  • Proactive constituents decry individuals representing the community who endorse candidates for personal gain instead of collective gain for the community. 


For years the Democratic party has convinced Black voters that they have an obligation to vote -- even if none of the candidates actually serve their interests -- because our ancestors died for this right. While that may be true, it's not the only thing our ancestors lost their lives for. As PanAfricanist Diallo Kenyatta posted on Facebook, our ancestors died (or were killed) for independent Black economies, education of our youth, rightful recognition, and many more things that the Democratic party has failed to deliver. It's astonishing that reparations has yet to be brought to the forefront of either party's agenda when soliciting the Black vote.  


Fortunately, though, we do not need to wait on a Democratic or Republican senate to address issues affecting our community. We can start that at home. 


The ProActive Black Activist Package is comprised of four DVDs and one digital download that equips Black America with solutions-based strategies to pull us forward. 


The package, valued at more than $83, includes: 

  • Elementary Genocide: From Primary to Penitentiary (DVD): Featuring Dr. Umar Johnson, recording artist Killer Mike, finance scholar and social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins, and many more, addresses the social, cultural, political and personal ramifications of how the federal government allots money to each state, to build prisons based on the failure rate of 4th and 5th graders. 
  • A New Paradigm For Black America featuring Min. Louis Farrakhan (‎DVD): This 90-minute film features actionable steps each of us can take to build a strong Black America. 
  • A New Paradigm For Black America -- Brooklyn (DVD): Featuring Dr. Cornel West, Marc Lamont Hill, Christopher Emdin, and many more, provides action-oriented steps for improving education, mental health, and social issues in Black America. 
  • A New Paradigm For Black America -- DC (DVD): Subtitled "A Politically  Incorrect Conversation About Saving Our Community," features Dr. Steve Perry of TV One's "Fix My Son;" Dr. Towanna Freeman of; Author and former NBA player Etan Thomas; and author and creator of "Hoodwinked" Janks Morton in a discussion about how to select the issue(s) you want to fight on behalf of Black America.
  • Occupy Your Children: A Parent's Guide to Avoiding Educational Landmines and Guiding Your Kids to the Top (Audio Digital Download): This audio product features in-depth conversations with four respected educators who understand the educational system and how to overcome its limitations. 

For this weekend only, get the ProActive Black Activist bundle package for $50+shipping. 


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  • Ben Haith on

    The multiple conflicts between Congress and President Obama continues. Our federal government has been dysfunctional for a long time! Why? The voters are responsible for this, not our representatives. The U.S. government’s DNA is “Jim Crow.”

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