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The Real College Prep Package



Dr. Watkins has spent the last 20 years of his life teaching business courses to eager freshman college students. He knows firsthand what your graduate needs to have a successful college matriculation. In fact, most of these lessons occur outside of the classroom. As a parent of four college students, he also knows and understands the importance of parenting a young adult while they're in college. 

The Real College Prep Package helps your graduate do the following:

  • Avoid temptations that come with not having their parents tell them what they can and cannot do
  • Learn how to study for tests and prepare for class
  • Create a lasting impression on faculty and staff at their college, which can open up great opportunities for them in the future 
  • Plus much more!

The information your graduate will attain from The Real College Prep Package is life-changing and will mold them to become an outstanding leader. This is a graduation gift that literally keeps giving. 

Here's what The Real College Prep Package includes:


  1. 5 Explosive Ways to Set Your Goals And Absolutely Crush Them*: In this 90-minute audio download, Dr. Watkins provides a practical, step-by-step routine that will help people maximize their potential by setting and achieving their goals in life. Because this product is a digital download, your graduate can listen to it in the car and/or during a workout. Original Price: $14.99, Sale Price: FREE
  2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About College: This book provides your graduate with a bird's eye view of everything a college student would like to know about attaining success in college. Dr. Watkins teaches students how to avoid vices, how to graduate quickly, how to choose the right roommate, and many other helpful things that will keep your graduate on the right path. Original Price: $19.99, Sale Price: $14.99
  3. Quick and Dirty Secrets of College Success: Often referred to as an abridged version of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About College, this quick and easy read infuses hip-hop lyrics into information that will serve as a guide for your graduate throughout their college matriculation. Original Price: $14.99, Sale Price: $9.99
  4. The Parental 411: Parents are critical partners in their child's collegiate success. The Parental 411 teaches parents how to pay for their children's education, how to mentally prepare their child for college life, and other valuable information that will help parents strengthen the graduate's support system. Original Price: $19.99, Sale Price: $14.99

The Real College Prep Package Sale Ends On Monday, June 2nd at 11:59pm EDT

Click Here to Purchase The Real College Prep Package 

*This product is a digital download, please click here for instructions on how to download your product. 

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    Hi Joseph!

    I just sent an email to -— Please feel free to respond if you have any questions.

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  • Joseph Lundy on

    I would like to purchase some of your books. I just receive notice about the sale and today is the last day.

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