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How Can I Download Digital Products?

It's very easy to download your digital product(s) from the Your Black World Network. Please follow the steps below:


1. Retrieve the email with your downloadable product(s).


2. Click on the blue hyperlink in your order confirmation email. It will lead you to a webpage where you can download your product(s).



3. Click on the title of the product(s). Upon clicking on the title, the product(s) will automatically download to the "Downloads" folder on your computer. PLEASE NOTE: Some electronic downloads are saved as a .zip file, which can NOT be opened on a mobile device. Please download the .zip product(s) onto your computer and transfer them to your mobile device via Bluetooth and/or USB connections. 



4. Open the Downloads folder on your computer and double click on the downloaded product(s). If the downloaded product(s) is a .zip file, double clicking on it will prompt it to create another folder (as seen in the screenshot below), which has your product in it. 


5. Click on the item(s) inside of the folder to prompt the compatible application on your device to open the product(s).

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Please do not ask questions in the comments below, this blog post is not checked daily.

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  • Anthony Cox on

    I like this book

  • Joy on

    I purchased the e book for Financial Lovemaking . The link in email says page doesn’t exist. Please help

  • I. Faulk on

    Downloadable link has expired before I was able to retrieve it. Not ever ordering anything like this again. Maybe, they should just be sold on CDs?

  • Sharen Robinsion on

    I did not receive my videos either by digital download or by delivery. What is going on? Only the book was available for download.

  • Baruk on

    I ordered the 3 dvd package deal and dont have a confirmation # or shipping date of the product i ordered? How can i track my purchase

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